Loyalty360 Industry Report | Perspective on Emotional Loyalty
Loyalty360 | January 26, 2021

Over the last six months, Loyalty360 has conducted regular interviews with marketers and suppliers  to better understand both sides’ hurdles and successes and what expectations for emotional loyalty are in the future. As such, Loyalty360 has a unique perspective on the industry and how emotional loyalty is defined, created, driven, and maintained.

While the benefits of emotional loyalty are clear – customer advocacy, referrals, increased basket size, greater purchase frequency, and more — the challenge is how to get there. There is significant difficulty for marketers in navigating the processes, frameworks, resources, technologies, terms, metrics, and know-how for their brand to build emotional connections with customers.

Within the report, readers will find perspectives from leading brands, and expert insight from loyalty and customer experience providers: Brierley, Cheetah Digital, Formation, ICF Next, Iris Concise, Jebbit, and Kobie Marketing.

Brand marketers and suppliers should use this report for a holistic view of brand and supplier perspectives, recommendations on emotional loyalty, and the challenges and opportunities for emotional customer connections that exist in the market today.

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