Global Customer Loyalty Report 2023
The Antavo Team | December 07, 2022

Due to the looming financial crisis and recession, the business world is facing a period of uncertainty. But even in such a turbulent economic climate, customer loyalty can be the way out. In order to help companies invest wisely into the loyalty market, Antavo’s Global Customer Loyalty Report 2023 analyzes the current and future loyalty program landscape through the lens of loyalty program owners and industry experts. Based on a behavioral data set of over 295 million loyalty member actions, over 600 minutes of qualitative interviews, and survey data from over 260 CMOs, CRM executives, and loyalty professionals, Antavo’s report provides statistics and benchmarks about topics such as budgeting, ROI, loyalty technology, KPIs, satisfaction rates, investment areas as well as three major trends that will dominate the coming years: ESG, card linking, and partner rewards. 
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