Emotionally Invested Customers Crave More from Consumer Packaged Goods Brands
| January 05, 2022

Relationships—and behaviors—between brands and consumers continue to evolve in creative and surprising ways in 2021.

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are redefining their relationships with retailers and shoppers thanks to the ongoing pandemic, the crackdown on third-party cookies, and increasingly powerful “walled gardens” around data. To thrive, brands must build one-to-one relationships with consumers and forge new bonds with retailers.

As marketing strategies shift to support direct-to-consumer, CPG brands are revisiting the transactional, habitual, and emotional behaviors that drive customer loyalty. With so much changing so quickly, where will the future of CPG take us?

In this paper, we share winning engagement strategies from leading brands and define four macro trends that are reshaping commerce. Topics covered include:

  • How to bring comfort and empathy to your customers
  • How to authentically address tough issues
  • How to build a direct relationship with the customer 
  • How to deliver consistent and cohesive experiences

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