CPG Loyalty Engage Report: Research and Real World Examples to Help CPG Brands Drive Enduring Loyalt
Prizelogic + Loyalty360 | June 01, 2021

CPG Loyalty Programs have proven to be an effective tool for driving sales and motivating other valuable consumer actions. To be successful, CPG brands need to create loyalty strategies that are designed to address their unique industry dynamics such as an indirect relationship with consumers and a low spend per purchase.

Engage Reports provide research and real-world examples to help brands better engage with their consumers. In the CPG Loyalty Engage Report, PrizeLogic and Loyalty360 surveyed over 2,200 US consumers to gain insights into how loyalty strategies motivate both purchase and non-purchase behaviors. The goal was to assist brands in developing program loyalty strategies for driving incremental purchase, first-party data acquisition, member engagement, and advocacy.

Key Takeaways

  1. Participation By the Numbers: 74% of consumers surveyed have enrolled in at least one CPG Loyalty Program, with Food & Beverages being the most popular category.
  2. Why Consumers Become Members: While recommendations and a consumer’s relationship with the brand contribute to enrollment, the incentives offered are the primary reason people sign up for a CPG Loyalty Program.
  3. Sales Are Only the Beginning: In addition to driving incremental purchase, CPG Loyalty Programs deliver additional value for brands by motivating strategic non-purchase behaviors.
  4. Keeping Members Engaged: Brands that provide a meaningful value exchange and continuously deliver program news can help mitigate the number of inactive members.
  5. Examples – More Than One Way to Execute CPG Loyalty: CPG loyalty isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution; technology opens the door to a variety of different structures and strategies to achieve your objectives

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