Emotional Loyalty Report
Carly Stemmer Ivory & Mark Johnson | July 24, 2023

In early 2023, Loyalty360 surveyed Brand Members to better understand their perspectives on challenges with and opportunities for emotional loyalty. The results highlight the growing significance of emotional connections in fostering customer loyalty, with many marketers emphasizing establishing meaningful relationships with their customers. With emotional loyalty remaining a paramount priority for marketers, brands are actively seeking unique and enhanced approaches to cultivate enduring relationships and foster unwavering customer loyalty.

At Loyalty360, we regularly converse with Brand Members who share their respective challenges and opportunities. Many brands reveal that they lack organizational alignment or resources to focus on emotional loyalty. They struggle due to the absence of a consistent definition and the lack of benchmarks or guideposts to measure against.

While there is a need to simplify and establish a structured process around emotional loyalty, marketers must realize that it requires an unwavering long-term commitment.

Key takeaways from this report include: 

  • There is a significant and growing interest in emotional loyalty. Therefore, marketers believe that a standard definition of emotional loyalty is needed.
  • Marketers understand the importance of emotional loyalty, but brands face challenges in achieving it.
  • The lack of dedicated KPIs, metrics, and benchmarks for customer loyalty makes measuring ROI and competing for internal resources a significant hurdle.

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