Challenges of Measuring Emotional Loyalty and Fostering Unified Support

  • July 21 2022
  • Resource: Daily News

When determining whether or not to incorporate an emotional loyalty program into an overall customer loyalty and marketing strategy, businesses need to be savvy about not only what their customers want and need, but what will encourage cooperation...Read More

Challenges of Building Emotional Loyalty in Changing Customer Landscape

  • July 15 2022
  • Resource: Daily News

Many businesses are incorporating emotional loyalty plans into their customer loyalty strategies; however, with the ever-fluctuating changes in consumer behaviors, it is challenging for brands to know the best approach to building the relationship...Read More

Understanding Customer Loyalty Inside and Outside of the Rewards Program

  • June 01 2022
  • Resource: Daily News

Loyalty programs are critical for businesses that want to understand their customers’ recurring purchasing habits. But what many brands do not consider is how those same customers behave when they have no points to redeem. It is...Read More