Loyalty360 Award Finalist Overview: ExxonMobil

  • September 14 2022
  • Resource: Daily News

Yan Côté is the Director of Consumer Marketing at ExxonMobil, which is a finalist for the 2022 Loyalty360 Awards in the Customer Loyalty Strategy category. Cote has been with the company for 24 years and is accountable for all consumer loyalty...Read More

Loyalty360 Reads: February 2: Citi Retail Services and ExxonMobil Renew Credit Card Partnership, Domino's "Tips" Customers to Choose Carryout, and More

  • February 02 2022
  • Resource: Daily News

Domino's Offers Customers $3 Off Pizza Price for Skipping Delivery Domino's has announced it will offer a $3 "tip" to customers who order their pizza online and choose carryout instead of delivery. That credit can only be used...Read More

Loyalty360 Reads: October 12 | ExxonMobil to Build Plastic Recycling Facility; Bakkt Partners with Google; and More

  • October 12 2021
  • Resource: Daily News

ExxonMobil to Build Its First Large-Scale Plastic Waste Advanced Recycling FacilityExxonMobil plans to build its first, large-scale plastic waste advanced recycling facility in Baytown, Texas, and is expected to start operations by year-end 2022. ...Read More

ExxonMobil: Meet the Speaker at Loyalty Expo

  • September 30 2021
  • Resource: Daily News

Yan Côté is Director of Consumer Marketing for ExxonMobil and will be presenting at the upcoming Loyalty Expo in Charlotte. Côté’s talk will be on “Fueling Meaningful Data: How ExxonMobil Uses Loyalty to Understand its Customers...Read More