Loyalty360 Reads: June 10: Dave & Buster’s Late-Night Promotions, Fetch Price Index Report Findings, and More

  • June 10 2022
  • Resource: Daily News

Dave & Buster’s Launches Late-Night Happy Hour PromotionsDave & Buster's has returned to near full operating hours in the wake of the pandemic and is incentivizing customers with special late-night happy hour promotions. The...Read More

Future-Proofing Fuel and C-Store Loyalty Programs

  • November 19 2021
  • Resource: Daily News
  • Mark Johnson, Loyalty360

Studies have shown that new consumer habits form in 90 days or less, meaning consumers are always looking for different ways to spend their time and money. During the pandemic, consumers’ habits changed even quicker. A recent Wells...Read More

How to Leverage Your Data, Part 2: Improved Financial Results from Higher Engagement

  • June 25 2021
  • Resource: Daily News
  • Ashley Kimball, Loyalty360

Tim Glomb, VP of Content and Data, Cheetah Digital Having the right customer data allows you to create personalized experiences that drive measurable revenue.  If you collect zero-party data from customers that includes psychographic...Read More

Improved Personalization and Deeper Insights from Zero-Party Data

  • April 22 2021
  • Resource: Daily News

As websites and other platforms restrict the use of cookies and similar tactics to collect consumer data thanks to newer regulations and increasing privacy concerns, brand marketers who have begun shifting to deeper personalization in an effort to...Read More

3 Loyalty and CX Trends to Follow in 2021

  • March 17 2021
  • Resource: Daily News
  • Loyalty360 Team

While 2020 may have left many brand marketers scratching their heads and seeing stars, the year that was offered all of us an opportunity to possibly see what the future holds for customer experience, brand engagement, and the evolution of loyalty...Read More

Stuzo’s Approach Drives Business Outcomes

  • March 10 2021
  • Resource: Daily News

Carly Deitrich always makes it a point to illuminate to everyday retail brand customers at Stuzo the importance of the role they play in their consumer’s life. As the company’s Director of Strategic Accounts, she often looks at...Read More