PDI Releases New C-Store Shopper Report

  • June 26 2019
  • Resource: Daily News
  • Peter Mills | Loyalty360

PDI, a Loyalty360 member specializing in enterprise software solutions for convenience retail, petroleum wholesale, and logistics industries, has received some recognition lately, and they’ve discussed some recent projects with Loyalty360...Read More

PDI Earns Fast 40 Award

  • June 04 2019
  • Resource: Daily News
  • Patrick Barney | Loyalty360

Given that we’ve just completed one of two yearly award conferences, Loyalty360 can definitely say that it understands the importance of awards to brands. Recognition improves reputation, and a good reputation goes a long way in driving...Read More

Fuel Rewards® Executive Discussion on Customer Loyalty Partnerships

  • January 17 2019
  • Resource: Daily News
  • Mark Johnson | Loyalty360

Things are about to get a whole lot cooler at Shell fuel pumps. Excentus and Fuel Rewards®, in conjunction with FIS, are making reward redemption a lot easier with instant capabilities at over 13,000 Shell-branded fuel stations nationwide...Read More



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