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Wizard World Finally Brings a Loyalty Program to the Comic Con Culture

Wizard World partners with ClutchMost brands will never interact with a more passionate base of customers than true aficionados of science fiction, fantasy, gaming and comic book fandom. This core segment enjoys following their favorite characters, movie-based interpretations of comic book exploits, and gaming franchises across a multitude of channels that extend throughout the multiverse and beyond. A great customer experience for these dedicated fans is all about following a myriad of pop culture trends and ongoing storylines that entertain, inspire, and captivate the imagination.

To further embrace, nurture, and engage this avid devotion, Wizard World, one of the country’s premier comic book and pop culture conventions, has turned to Clutch to develop the first loyalty program ever designed specifically for the comic con crowd. The idea is to leverage an array of marketing strategies and innovative technologies to deliver more personalized and memorable customer experiences for convention goers all across America.

Clutch will help Wizard World enhance the comic con customer experience through a number of added incentives including per-order photo opportunities and autograph sessions with creators, advance admission, and more.Wizard World Loyalty Program

To better conduct personalized engagement, Clutch will also give Wizard World the ability to use customer data to identify the favorite comics, movies, episodes and games of every fan.

“With a fast-growing list of characters, brands, and celebrities participating in our comic con events, it is crucial to Wizard World and our partners that our offerings match specific fan preferences and deliver exactly what they are most passionate about,” said John Macaluso, Wizard World CEO. “Clutch’s advanced customer marketing technology gives us keen insight into our fans’ behavior and interests, which allows us to cater to their individual preferences and maximize their experiences at all of our shows across the country.”

Clutch’s advanced customer experience and marketing management platform will integrate with Wizard World just in time for a 2016 launch.

“Today’s consumers demand that brands deliver customized, even ‘special’ experiences, regardless of location, product, or scale,” said Chris Jones, Clutch Senior VP of Business Development. “Personalization is critical to every customer-centric business, and it will come naturally for a brand like Wizard World that’s already had tremendous success with experiential marketing. The Clutch-Wizard World team is going to explore fan loyalty, events marketing, and data collection in a way that hasn’t been done before, creating untold growth opportunity for both organizations.”

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