VIZIO’s Mission to Ensure Seamless, Positive Customer Experience

When a company’s entire organization commits to providing a seamless, positive customer experience, ensuring top-notch customer service, the results can be powerful and compelling.

Enter VIZIO, which recently earned 15 Stevie Awards. Entries were considered in 53 categories for customer service and contact center achievements.

Loyalty360 caught up with Scott Patten, vice president of support for VIZIO, to learn more about the company’s commitment to customer service and customer experience.

Customer service and customer experience equate to a key differentiator for any loyalty marketer. What does this mean to VIZIO?

Patten: We truly believe our customer service program is a key component when it comes to setting VIZIO apart in the Consumer Electronics landscape. Our customers are the heartbeat of our brand, and at the end of the day, we simply wouldn’t be where we are without them. This belief inspires us on a daily basis to remain diligent in our mission to ensure each customer’s overall experience is as seamless and positive as possible.

VIZIO won 15 Stevie Awards recently, which is quite a haul! What does this mean to VIZIO as far as its customer service, customer experience, and customer engagement initiatives are concerned?

Patten: VIZIO is honored to be recognized by the Stevie Awards for the sixth consecutive year as it further validates our longstanding commitment to putting customers first. Our top-notch U.S.-based support team is to thank for this accolade and we’re proud to know our efforts are being concentrated in the right direction.     

For so many companies, having that internal structure that fosters keen employee engagement usually translates into solid customer loyalty. How does VIZIO view this and how important is employee engagement and its impact on customer loyalty?

Patten: The entire team at VIZIO approaches their customer interactions with a great deal of thoughtfulness and a personalized touch. We’ve found that a strong commitment to listening to and understanding customer concerns and engaging the customer through the platform of their choice, be it phone, email, chat, or even social media, are the critical fundamentals to our customer service approach. Over the years, this method has proved to be just as beneficial to VIZIO as it is to our customers, as our relationships with our customers also allow our teams to gather valuable feedback on their wants and needs as the brand continues to evolve.

What does customer loyalty mean to VIZIO and has that definition evolved in recent years?

Patten: Customer loyalty is one of the key pillars of our business, along with our dedication to creating the best products and services that deliver the best entertainment experience with the best possible value. What’s changed over time are the ways that we can now engage with our customers and our ability to respond even more quickly to their needs. We’re humbled by the fact that our customers keep coming back and that’s a huge testament to our customer service team — we hear from customers regularly who say we’ve earned a customer for life.

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