Vail Resorts Customer ExperienceIn the ongoing battle to provide customers with the best possible customer experience, CEM technologies are vital in understanding customer insights and expectations. Customer experience is no longer a “set it and forget it” process, and requires constant attention and evolution.

Vail Resorts, a premier mountain resort company, is taking their customer experience to the next level through a new partnership with Customer Experience Management leader Medallia. Announced on Monday, the partnership will allow Vail Resorts to advance its already stellar customer experience.

“With a mission to deliver an experience of a lifetime for our guests, it is critical that we invest in our people and the supporting infrastructure that empowers us to deliver on that mission,” said Bob Brown, vice president of CRM and analytics for Vail Resorts. “Selecting Medallia was a strategic decision to gain guest feedback and actionable insights at scale. It was the best solution to integrate with our entire operation and provide us with a comprehensive view into the guest experience.”

Prior to working with Medallia, the brand simply gathered feedback through intercept surveys. With 10 ski resorts nationwide, these surveys did not represent an adequate portion of the Vail Resorts consumer base, and thousands of guests were left without a feedback voice.

With the new software, the company is able to gather significantly more guest data, and leverage it to customize and improve the existing customer experience.

The goal of Vail Resorts is to create a memorable experience for every guest, and the company is now equipped with the tools to do just that. Through real-time guest feedback and active dialogue with customers, Vail Resorts is able to act upon guest insight to better understand, fulfill, and exceed expectations.Vail Resorts Customer Experience

This kind of actionable insight, the company hopes, will translate into the kind of luxurious and tranquil experience that guests have come to expect from Vail Resorts.

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