USA Technologies, a payment technology provider of cashless and mobile transactions in self-serve retail, conducted a comprehensive review of its MORE loyalty program and wanted to make some enhancements.

As a result, USA Technologies will now integrate its MORE loyalty and payroll deduct platform with Apple Pay, for use at up to 300,000 machines nationwide. Following the integration, unattended operators will be able to offer an enhanced experience to their customers using Apple Pay, which is transforming mobile payments with an easy, secure and private way to pay that’s fast and convenient. In turn, consumers making a purchase will be able to take advantage of exclusive offers, promotions and discounts toward future purchases at participating self-serve machines connected to USAT’s ePort Connect platform. USA Technologies plans to roll out the technology to select unattended retail locations nationwide over the coming months.

Amelia Powell, senior director of marketing and strategic partnerships for USA Technologies, talked to Loyalty360 about the factors that prompted the company to integrate its MORE Loyalty and payroll deduct platform with Apple Pay.

“USAT made the decision to enhance the MORE Loyalty program with Apple Pay integration based on a 360-degree review of the existing program, the technology that it is currently leveraging, and comparing it to loyalty best practices that we see emerging in the market,” Powell explained. “By integrating Apple Pay to the MORE loyalty program, we are now able to get additional visibility to the type of mobile transaction that is occurring (and reward customers appropriately) while significantly streamlining the registration process, improving the consumer experience and allowing customers to leverage the power of retargets promotions behind the scenes (i.e. buy a bag of chips, get a free soda or a coupon that can be used at your grocery, store, etc.).  

Customer and frontline consumer feedback played a huge role in the decision to upgrade the MORE Loyalty program.

“This is just the first example of a series of planned upgrades to the MORE program that were developed based on the outcome of the study done in the summer of 2016,” Powell said. “Integration of Apple VAS (Value Added Service) technology not only allows consumers to leverage the Apple Pay mechanism to get rewarded (instantly and seamlessly) for goods and services ranging from snacks and soda to custom cut keys, car washes, and laundry services, but it also allows for a painless registration process.”

Most importantly, Powell added, “it gives USAT the infrastructure needed to execute sophisticated retargeting campaigns for big brands (i.e. Buy a bag of Fritos, get a free Pepsi, buy that Pepsi and we can electronically send a coupon to be used at your local grocery store for a case of Pepsi, and in the future, could be expanded to products beyond the vending machines, parking, kiosks, laundry, etc.). Intuitive, interactive, and adaptive marketing of this nature is what sets USAT apart from our contemporaries in the B2B space. Being able to bring this type of marketing straight to consumers will be a game-changer not only for consumers but also for the brands that are eager to engage with them in a relevant and tangible way.”

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