For a brand that admittedly doesn’t delve into the video advertising space frequently, online apparel and footwear retailer has done just that with three charming videos that highlight true stories from the company’s customer service department.

The videos showcase the great lengths department associates will go for their loyal customers.

Zappos is well known for its customer service by wowing customers and exceeding expectations, and company officials created these videos after 18 years of service to loyal customers. Launching with three unique videos, the True Stories campaign features cinematic re-enactments of Zappos’ most adventurous, heartwarming, and downright ridiculous customer stories.

The videos can be seen below:

·  Ballet Shoes
·  Jewelry Returns
·  Yoga Pants

The campaign was recently released digitally across multiple media platforms and shared on Zappos’ social profiles for fans to follow along.

Loyalty360 talked to Meredith Katz, Senior Marketing Analyst at, about this unique new video campaign.

What prompted the creation of the videos and what are the goals for them from a customer engagement perspective?

Katz: Our Customer Loyalty Team (CLT) often encounters unique and fun stories, and will circulate them throughout the company. These stories range from heartwarming to hilarious, and we’ve always loved reading those stories because we’re able to witness the personal impact of our customer service and value propositions. One of the campaign’s main goals is to portray how we strive to go above and beyond for our customers and our obsession with their happiness. We thought bringing our true customer stories to life was the best way to show how much we care about our customers. Whether it’s easy returns, fast and free shipping, or someone there to rescue your jewelry mistakenly sent away in a box (see Jewelry video:), Zappos has you covered. From a customer engagement perspective, we have a variety of goals, one of them maximizing our reach and building brand affinity through these stories.

Who came up with the idea for how these videos would be constructed?

Katz: It was a great collaboration between Zappos and Praytell. Our Zappos team sleuthed through dozens of stories and carefully chose the final three. From there, we scripted them out and felt Praytell was the best partner to help bring these stories to life and produce them.

How does Zappos view video in general as a way to spark customer engagement, customer experience, and customer loyalty?

Katz: For this campaign, we felt that video was the most powerful medium to show our customer obsession and relate to the audience. Reading these stories was powerful, but showing all parts and emotions of the customer experience would be even more impactful and spark higher engagement.

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