Target has announced that it will remodel more than 1,000 of its retail stores to meet growing shopper demand for an evolved customer experience. Remodeling efforts for each store will be entirely different, though the retailer has developed a pool of next-generation features from which to pull. One attribute will be common to all stores, however. Those with dual entrances will feature one entry point designed around “ease” and the other around “inspiration.” As Target seeks to cater to convenience, “ease” entrances will have drive-up parking spaces, online order pickup counters, self-checkout lanes, and grab-and-go grocery and essentials.
Target will spend between $4 million and $10 million per renovated store, according to Justin Burns, senior group vice president of Target stores, according to the Chicago Tribune.
Remodeling efforts are scheduled for completion by the end of 2020. More than 300 stores should be finished this year. So far, Target has completed 56 remodels in the first quarter of 2018 and has already launched over 100 more that will be completed in the second quarter.
Each remodel is customized from Target’s pool of next-generation enhancements. The enhancements combine Target’s digital and technology upgrades, elevated merchandise presentations, and fulfillment services to make shopping faster and more enjoyable.
“It’s like a blank canvas each time,” says Joe Perdew, vice president of store design. “We have to use all of our assets—the building spaces, fixtures, interior design, lighting, products—to tell a story and make the whole shopping trip as easy and inspiring as possible for guests.”
Joe Contrucci, senior vice president of stores, adds, “We count on our local store teams to help us understand exactly what their guests want so we can build relevant experiences around that. And we’re always testing, learning and adjusting, so the whole process keeps evolving and getting even better as we go.”
Some of Target’s remodeled stores will feature a renovated Starbucks near the entrance for convenient coffee grabs. Other changes to the retail experience include brighter lighting and a more modern feel.
“We add concrete floors and wood-plank walls to some stores, incorporate materials like steel and glass and a pop of Target red into the décor, and use pendant and circular lighting treatments with energy-saving LED lights,” says Perdew. “And those are just a few examples—all to create a warm and inviting experience that’s hip and cool.”
Target representatives say that the company has dedicated hundreds of thousands of payroll hours to train employees in specialized roles and develop their expertise to better serve shoppers. Contrucci says, “Taking care of our team is so important, because they’re the ones who bring our guests those exceptional experiences every day.”

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