Rogers Communications Thanks Valued Customers with New Loyalty Program

Rogers Communications wants to officially thank its most valued customers. As a result, the wireless, cable, and media company has launched a new customer loyalty program – Rogers First Rewards.

The new program will be launched in key markets throughout 2013. It allows customers to receive more of what they want by earning points on their eligible purchases that can be redeemed for a wide selection of Rogers products and services.

Rogers First Rewards doesn’t involve any blackout periods, hidden fees, or a membership card to carry. Eligible customers are enrolled as the program becomes available in their region and earn points just for being a Rogers customer. Points can be redeemed online and used toward an extensive list of Rogers products and services from the Rogers First Rewards catalog.

Rogers spokesperson Michelle Kelly told Loyalty 360 that the company has worked diligently during the past few years on the new loyalty program to thank its valued customers for their business and to show appreciation.

“Our customers have told us they want to be rewarded for their loyalty and Rogers First Rewards is one of the many things we are doing to better deliver for our customers,” Kelly explained.

Rogers First Rewards is uniquely designed to provide customers with access to more Rogers products and services, “rather than other loyalty programs that may offer airline points or household products/gifts,” Kelly said. “We know our customers are looking for a loyalty program that rewards and thanks them for their business, but that is also relevant to their experience with Rogers, such as more access to leading services including roaming packs, long distance calling, and Rogers On Demand cable packages.”

Customers enrolled in the loyalty program are assigned a Rogers First Rewards tier and point accrual rate based on an average of total account holder's spend: Silver Tier customers earn 1 point per dollar; Gold Tier customers earn 1.5 points per dollar; and Platinum Tier customers earn 2 points per dollar. The program will be available to consumer cable, wireless, internet and home phone customers in key markets across the country throughout the year. Eligible customers will be notified and enrolled when the loyalty program becomes available in their region.

“Our primary goal is to ensure our customers know they are appreciated and that we value their business,” Kelly said. “Something that most major carriers worldwide do not do well at is recognizing and rewarding customers for tenure. Wireless carriers also get criticized for treating new customers better than existing ones. Those are two specific things we want the program to address.”

During the Rogers Annual General Shareholders Meeting on April 23, Nadir Mohamed, the company’s outgoing President and CEO at the time, spoke about plans for a new loyalty rewards program. Mohamed told shareholders that while it’s important for the company to look at the customer experience holistically, “there’s no question we need to significantly improve customer service. We need to help our customers better understand what they get when they sign up and we need to do a better job supporting them once they do.”

Kelly spoke to the loyalty point at Rogers.

“Our view is customers will have a better overall experience with a brand if they know they are valued and appreciated,” she said. “With Rogers First Rewards, we will strive to thank our customers for their business and provide them with even more value and benefits, just for being with Rogers.”

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