Mood Media Tunes Up the Musical Customer Experience

There are all kinds of ways for loyalty marketers to enhance customer engagement, the overall customer experience, and, ultimately, brand advocacy. And for many people, the right music can make all the difference in the world when it comes to what constitutes a great customer experience.

For Mood Media officials, they believe that their Mood Mix Pro technology just took a giant leap forward in the customer engagement/customer experience department with the unveiling of a “Social Mix” component.

The “Social Mix” feature is a new music service designed to provide a previously unavailable level of interactivity in the playlists being experienced by in-store customers.

Businesses that use Social Mix open up a new world of fun, engagement, and interaction for their customers and employees alike, allowing in-store customers to view the live song lineup for the business location and then select the songs they want to hear next, with the most popular songs rising to the top.

Moods restaurant clients use the company’s technology, such as licensed music programs and custom playlists, visual technology (from ambient displays and video walls to commercial television and digital menu boards), on-hold messaging, sound systems, and a new hybrid TV solution that combines digital signage with commercial TV -- all to create a better dining experience.

David Van Epps, Mood Media’s Global Chief Product Officer, told Loyalty360 that Mood Social Mix is a solution to an age-old problem. 

“Music absolutely sets the mood in any retail or restaurant experience,” Van Epps explained. “How can a business stay true to the brand personality they are trying to project, while still creating a personal and memorable experience for their guests? We’re not exposing our 40 million available tracks to consumers and saying ‘have at it!’ If you think about the creation of the right playlist as blending a musical color palette, when you add too many elements, you’ll always get that muddy brown color. Social Mix is designed to allow customers and employees the opportunity to add some personal choice and detail to the in-store canvas, but still ensures that any songs selected fit the overall mood that the business wants to create.”

Van Epps said Mood Media’s goals for Social Mix are its clients’ goals.

“It’s about choice for those who seek it,” he said. “Today, more and more consumers are conditioned to use their mobile devices as a remote control for the world around them.  Information, products, and even experiences are just a few clicks away. We’ve watched this evolving and recognize that, within reason, giving a customer or employee an option to have a say just makes sense from an engagement and activation perspective. Not everyone will choose to take advantage, but for those who do, they’ll have enhanced their own personal experience and had some fun too. Whether it’s 10 or 10,000 interactions a day, it matters to the brand that knows ‘it matters.’’’  

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