Heinen’s Sees Food Prescriptions as the Future of Customer Loyalty
The grocery retailer “plans to roll out an app that develops personalized diet plans to help treat specific conditions. If a customer is diagnosed pre-diabetic, the app, called Believe Fx, will develop a plan around fresh, low-carb foods. It will tailor selections to customers’ preferred cuisine, like Italian or vegetarian, factor out any ingredient dislikes and intolerances, and even integrate a doctor’s prescription into the system. For customers that don’t have a diagnosed condition and just want to eat better, Believe Fx will develop plans built around health goals.”
Customer Experience
Denver Broncos Are Utilizing AI Scanners to Upgrade the Food and Beverage Experience
The NFL team has announced “that it will introduce, in conjunction with its food and beverage partner Aramark, high-tech Mashgin AI self-checkout units in its stadium operations. The touch screens will allow fans to scan items placed on the Mashgin units. By providing an immediate list of items and prices that can be paid for quickly and efficiently, fans will spend less time getting food and more time in their seats watching the Broncos on the field.”
CarMax Planning Third Customer Call Center
The brand is increasing its call center capacity as it expands its car buying program. “The customer experience centers are designed to help customers proceed through the sales process online. If, for instance, a customer has questions about trade-in or financing, that person can contact the center where an employee will answer the questions via online, phone, or email.”
Corporate Social Responsibility
IKEA Plans to Be Climate Positive by 2030
The retailer’s parent company “has revealed its plans to create renewable energy through its stores. The retailer expanded on its sustainability plans, said that it had invested nearly $2.8 billion USD in solar and wind energy over the last decade and plans to increase this amount, with stakes in two American solar farms.”
Older People Are Ignored and Distorted in Ageist Marketing, Report Finds
A new research from the AARP has shown that older workers are underrepresented in marketing. “AARP is pressing advertising agencies and their clients to update their portrayals of aging, ramping up its presence at major advertising events like the Cannes Lions festival, she said. The group teamed with Getty Images, the stock media supplier, to introduce a collection of 1,400 images on Monday that show older people running businesses, playing basketball, and hanging out with younger generations.”

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