Loyalty360 Reads: May 6, 2019

Seven Tips for Successful Customer Loyalty Programs in 2019
Forbes has published a fun shortlist of tips for today’s loyalty programs. One highlight: “Offer Easy Ways to Earn and Redeem Points. One sign of an effective loyalty program is that customers are redeeming the points they collect. Try to make both earning and redeeming as frictionless as possible.”
Employee Engagement
How Sprint Rewards Employees
Sprint rewards its employees for bringing customers to the brand, not just for making sales. “Commissions for Sprint sales representatives are often tied to the number of new lines they activate for customers each month, even when some of those cellphone connections are given away as part of promotions, according to current and former salespeople.”
Customer Experience
Consumers Want More Intimacy, More Meaning, and More Experiences
Momentum Worldwide’s We Know Experience 2.0 research has big implications for today’s loyalty marketers. The “2019 update clearly demonstrates the startling evolution of the brand-customer relationship and the push toward human-centric experiences. Brands are now obligated to go above and beyond for their consumers—in fact, 86 percent of consumers believe it is important for brands to make them feel better.”
Maine Bans Foam Cups
The state has become the first in the United States to ban foam containers. “It isn’t just lawmakers pushing for more sustainable restaurants. Consumers want to spend their money without harming the environment. According to a Nielsen survey, 48 percent of Americans said they would definitely or probably change their spending habits to reduce their environmental impact.”
Legacy Brands Still Matter, Can’t Rest on Their Laurels
Some legacy brands are struggling; others are thriving. “The financial performances—and emerging strategies—of some of the biggest sellers of branded goods in the country is proving without a doubt that not only do consumers want to buy brands, but the names they want are often the very same ones their parents bought.”

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