Loyalty360 Award Finalist Overview: Avnet

Peggy Carrieres is the Global Vice President of Sales Enablement and Supplier Development at Avnet, which is a finalist for the 2022 Loyalty360 Awards in the B2B Customer Loyalty category. Fresh from celebrating its 100th anniversary last year, Avnet is the largest Arizona-based company and number 188 in the Fortune 500. The global electronics distributor is the product of over 100 acquisitions with operations in 140 countries. As a value-add distributor, Avnet focuses on design and supply chain products and services.

Traditionally, B2B semiconductor companies have not been focused on customer loyalty but more on technology advancements, research and development, and capacity expansion.  By partnering with InMoment as a loyalty provider, Avnet has created a B2B experience that often mirrors the types of customer experience provided by B2C programs. The supplier is pioneering the way for the industry to look deeply at the customer experience from a B2B perspective. While most B2B programs focus on “quote to cash,” Avnet recognizes that emotion still exists within the transaction. The loyalty program and holistic CX incorporate feedback mechanisms into its digital portals, whereby customers can provide feedback when and where they are.

This was especially important during the pandemic resulting supply chain challenges, and recent economic pressures, especially for the semiconductor industry. During this time, Avnet worked to give its clients better visibility into the end-to-end supply chain and offer them support at every stage of the journey, much like B2C programs.

This approach has positively impacted sales and customer churn rates during both good and bad times. Avnet measured the success of this unique strategy by focusing on the repurchase cycles, order value and sales by type. It has incorporated a full NPS system to track scores and trends, and this report is presented to the Board of Directors quarterly to track the health of the loyalty program.

During the presentation, Avent will demonstrate how customer experience does matter in the B2B loyalty sector. The journey may be different, but by uplifting CX, brands can also improve the supplier, employee, and sales experience for their global customers.
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