Domino’s Expands Loyalty Program Offering

Officials at Domino’s Pizza, a global leader in pizza delivery and digital ordering platforms, don’t want anyone left out of its Piece of the Pie Rewards loyalty program.

Now, Domino’s is awarding points to its loyalty members no matter how they order. Domino’s is the first and only national pizza delivery chain to offer loyalty points via online, phone, and in-store orders. Previously, loyalty members could only receive Piece of the Pie Rewards points if they ordered online.

Domino's Piece of the Pie Rewards launched in 2015. Since then, the program has grown to include millions of members. The pizza giant launched its first ever loyalty member appreciation week in April 2017, giving members double the points on every online order of $10 or more. The company also announced its Piece of the Pie Rewards contest at the end of 2016 which gave loyalty members the chance to win free shares of company stock, as well as a share of the profits from real Domino’s stores.

Steve Kennedy, director of loyalty, Domino’s, told Loyalty360 that company officials are always looking for ways to genuinely reward their best customers for doing what they love to do, which is enjoy Domino’s.

“While we take pride in our industry leading digital ordering platforms, we acknowledge that some customers will still choose to order through non-digital channels due to either preference or circumstance,” Kennedy explained. “Domino’s Piece of the Pie Rewards was designed to give back to our customers and reward them for their loyalty. Customers shouldn’t miss out on earning points toward free pizza just because they choose to order through a different ordering channel. We made this enhancement to ensure all customers are being rewarded for brand loyalty.”

Since the loyalty program launched in 2015, Domino’s officials have learned more about customer behavior.

“The main takeaway we’ve learned since the program launched is that our customers truly appreciate the brand recognizing them and showing how much they are valued,” Kennedy said. “The program has enabled us to build better relationships with our members and show our appreciation for choosing Domino’s when they have so many other options. One common theme we consistently hear from our members is them saying ‘thank you’ for us acknowledging how much they are valued.”

Understanding customer behavior begins and ends with truly listening.

“There is nothing more important than listening to our customers,” Kennedy said. “Be it negative or positive feedback, we want to hear it. Both are opportunities for us to learn and take steps to creating a better member experience. We have numerous customer feedback channels in place to ensure we are always listening, both at a corporate and a store level. We’ve received extremely positive feedback from our members. Both quantitative and qualitative feedback channels have proven the program is enhancing our relationships with our members and generating increased levels of brand loyalty and affinity.”

For Domino’s, customer loyalty should not be thought of as a program.

“Loyalty is something that is earned from our members over the course of every brand interaction,” Kennedy added. “It is developed over time by providing the best possible customer experience with every Domino’s order.”

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