Customers Looking for More Social Loyalty Programs

In the age of social media and digital connection, customers everywhere are looking to connect with one another more than ever before. From linking social accounts, to competing with friends to see who can rack up a high score, it’s clear that solo experiences have taken a backseat to the social environments being provided by technology.
With this in mind, Maritz Motivation Solutions is partnering with the Gigya customer engagement platform to bring these social connections to the forefront of the loyalty solution provider’s programs.
According to Maritz, brands with the most loyal customers are those that create a culture of “cult loyalty,” in which the values of the company align with those of its customers. Apple is a prime example of this level of engagement, with followers of the product actively seeking opportunities to communicate with one another about the brand.
“[This type of loyalty] shifts the program from being a solitary experience about you and your rewards and earnings, to one that now can be about you and your friends and the brands you love together,” said Barry Kirk, VP Customer Loyalty Strategy for Maritz Motivation Solutions.
The idea that loyalty has become a social experience is backed up by the Maritz LoyaltyNext Customer Study, a report developed by the company through a survey of 2,000 U.S. consumers about their thoughts regarding brand loyalty. According to the report, 20% of customers wanted the ability to interact or compete with friends and family within a given loyalty program. Another 37% noted that they would like to share points with friends and family, a concept that’s starting to pop up in some programs, especially within the hospitality industry.
“Customers are looking for unique and engaging experiences, particularly Gen X and millennial consumers,” added Kirk. “By creating social experiences and emotional connections, you can forge deeper relationships with your customers. The partnership with Gigya allows us to make the loyalty program social experience easier and more convenient for marketers and brands.”

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