Chase Pay continues its expansion into the fuel market, announcing on Wednesday that the mobile payment solution has come to a multiyear agreement with Phillips 66, ensuring that the platform will be accepted at not only Phillips 66, but also Conoco and 76 locations nationwide.
Besides creating a more seamless payment experience by eliminating the need for physical credit or debit cards, the system allows customers the added convenience of earning loyalty points directly through Phillips 66 branded apps.
“We are excited to work with Chase and P97 to accept Chase Pay at our branded sites, which will offer our customers a simplified fueling experience – one that will enable them to safely and expeditiously purchase our high-quality Phillips 66, Conoco and 76 gasoline on their mobile devices from the comfort of their vehicles,” said Brian Mandell, global marketing president for Phillips 66. “This same convenience will allow customers to take advantage of our reward programs and promotions without having to swipe loyalty cards or use coupons at pumps and registers.”
As we’ve noted, ubiquity is among the biggest factors in whether or not mobile pay will continue its ambitiously forecasted growth. Oil and gas companies are particularly valuable targets, thanks to their position as a nearly universal necessity. Because almost every driver nationwide has experienced the sometimes-tedious process of filling up, even minute improvements to the process can go a long way in winning brand loyalty and differentiating brands from the pack.
Unlike other mobile payment platforms, Chase Pay uses QR codes rather than NFC technology. Whereas Apple Pay and Android Pay simply require users to hold their phone near an NFC (Near Field Communication)-enabled card ready, Chase Pay users must obtain the unique QR code and hand it to the cashier to scan. This seems to be a disadvantage for the Chase-backed option, a hurdle that the company seems to be compensating for with a roster of retailers, including Phillips 66, that accept Chase Pay but not its iPhone-bound competitor.
Chase Pay is carving its niche. It has advantages it can leverage, and it has disadvantages it must overcome. A deal with Phillips 66, however, may just be the key to Chase Pay’s growth as a platform.

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