A Better B2B and B2G Customer Experience Through Advanced Analytics

Michael Marchand, global director, chief customer office−commercial, customer loyalty for Dell EMC, shared a quote from a Dell EMC customer on a recent visit to Boston.

“People do business with people and with companies that have a soul,” the customer said.

That was the theme of Marchand’s session titled, “Building a Better B2B & B2G Customer Experience with Advanced Analytics,” Wednesday at the 10th annual Loyalty Expo.

“Customer relationships will be the ultimate differentiator,” Marchand said, adding that B2G refers to Business to Government.

But, according to Forrester, 81 percent of firms have immature customer experience management programs; 89 percent will compete mainly on experience; and 68 percent of customer experience professionals anticipate customers will use online.

Marchand told attendees that invisible changes to B2B and B2G customers are great for strengthening relationships.

“Our job is to champion the customer across the board,” Marchand said, adding a list of best practices:

Listen First:

Customers feel the compounding effect of small issues

Without simplified, scalable processes, you will resort to lowest common denominator

Tailor experiences to each customer and their people’s needs
Treat the Experience Like a Product:

Use customer journey phases to target specific areas of influence

What values can we influence from our targeted customer journey phases?

What drives the greatest customer value? What is the easiest to implement?

Align to pilot process through an organized framework for success designed for ideal CX
Target Your Efforts on Understanding Your Customers and Their Moments of Truth:

How does B2B differ from B2G?

Their Desired Outcomes

Their Stakeholders

Their Decision-Making

Their Buying Center

Their Procurement Process

Their Security Needs

Their Service Needs

Their Talent

Marchand said to use analytics for confirmation and insights and integrate multi-views of a customer

Monitor the Small Errors Across Functions:

Marchand talked about a customer heat map whereby some customers had more experience gaps than others. Some functional areas had a higher experience gap rate.

“Handling small errors proactively can avoid a distress situation,” Marchand said.

Marchand stressed the next point: Communicate, communicate, and communicate.

Does this work? According to Marchand, the answer is a resounding yes.

Increase on new customers engaged in our process versus Q3

Marked increase in Dell staff engaged

Greater engagement with our project management teams


Significant reduction in escalations for customers who had previous Order Management escalations

Significant reduction escalation decrease for customers who had previous Tech Support escalations

So What for Your Customer & You?

Listening and advanced analytics are crucial to providing a winning experience

Treating experiences like you would a product is great way to develop your program that has speed and scalability

Communicate, Communicate, and Communicate

Understanding your B2B and B2G customer is a combination of understanding how the organizations act

And remember People do Business with People

Marchand said that agility is among the most valuable traits a company can possess in designing and operating a loyalty program, yet many organizations are falling behind in this respect, especially in the B2B & B2G sectors. Through the leveraging of best practices, brands can tailor CX to the individual consumer, creating meaningful experiences that are able to effectively engage customers and create a unique sense of loyalty.

Marchand’s focus is to use both data analytics and customer listening to design effective programs to increase customer loyalty and drive experience value for customers and partners. He has built a team of strategists and data scientists to use statistical analysis to prioritize and enable Dell’s sales organization and enhance offerings.

Presented by Loyalty360 – Association for Customer Loyalty, Loyalty Expo has earned the reputation of being one of the industry’s premier events.

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