Activision is one of the most enduring brands in the video game industry. With a history that goes back to designing games for the Atari 2600, the company continues to engage gamers by publishing popular titles like Guitar Hero, Call of Duty and Skylanders. Anyone who has been an avid video game player or known one understands the passion that gamers have. In its Voice of the Customer program, Activision is leveraging that passion to improve internal processes and the overall customer experience.

    Join Jen Maldonado, Activision’s Sr. Business Analyst and Voice of the Customer Program Owner, as she explains the integral role that Voice of the Customer is playing to build and strengthen relationships with customers, as well as help the brand take a more innovative, modern approach to customer engagement. Jen will walk through how Activision has operationalized customer feedback, by creating a methodology, approach and process for the program. She will share real examples of how the program has brought unique and valuable insights to internal stakeholders and has seen success in showing customers that Activision cares.

    Key takeaways from the session include:

    - The importance of closing the feedback loop; what it means to your customers and your business

    - How to establish methodology, approach and process for VoC programs that serve both the brand and its customers

    - Best practices for socializing the VoC program and its insights across an organization, from high to low  

    - How VoC should be shared back to customers to build relationships and show that the brand cares


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