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Brandmovers to Host Webinar on Dynamic Segmentation and Customer Engagement Best Practices

Chris Galloway, EVP Strategy and Design, for Brandmovers, will be hosting a webinar on May 10th, to discuss the importance of dynamic segmentation...

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Ways to Incorporate Gamification Into Your Loyalty Program

Gamification is a strategic element business’ use to enhance their systems, services, organizations, and activities. They want their...

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Loyalty360’s Analyst Reports are designed to help brands and marketers navigate the plethora of vendors and providers in the market that support customer loyalty, customer experience and customer engagement strategies in any capacity.

Loyalty360 Analyst Report | Brandmovers

As the association for customer loyalty, Loyalty360 publishes a variety of analyst briefs on different technologies and services in market...

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The Featured Technology page highlights some of the most impactful, innovative and effective tools and technologies in the market today for helping companies engage and retain customers.

Loyalty360 Featured Technology And Services | Brandmovers

Core Offering(s): Customer Loyalty Platform, Customer Engagement and Experience Platform, Customer Loyalty Strategy and Design With 20 years...



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Level Up Your Loyalty Efforts with Dynamic Segmentation and KPIs

Webinar: May 10, 2022 @ 1pm ET | RSVP Here Member activity in loyalty programs is among the most actionable data a brand can capture, and through...


Brandmovers is a global leader with over 20 years of experience in designing and executing engaging promotions and loyalty programs that build genuine connections between brands and their customers, sales channels, and employees. Our flexible enterprise-level loyalty platform is a modular, scalable solution that combines best-in-class technology...


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