Executive Perspectives: Employee Engagement & Customer Loyalty
February 15, 2018

Webinar Recording Below!

An engaged employee is among the most valuable resources a brand can have. More than simply completely tasks effectively, engaged team members become brand advocates, serving as a link between the brand and its customers. How, then, do companies approach this challenge of creating an engaged and empowered workforce? This is the question Loyalty360 asked some of the market’s leading brands in its latest Executive Perspectives report, and the results revealed several key themes that play a clear role in improving employee engagement from top to bottom. Join Mark Johnson for a Thursday, February 15 webinar where he’ll walk attendees through the findings of the report and offer analysis about how these strategies can be applied across any company or industry. 

Register today to attend and gain access to a recording of the webinar for a limited time following the presentation. All registrants and attendees will also receive a copy of the report after the webinar. 



MJ1.jpgMark Johnson, CEO & CMO, Loyalty360

As CEO & CMO of Loyalty360, Mark is committed to bringing loyalty to the forefront as a critical marketing strategy. To further this goal, he has created an unbiased, market-driven association through which users and loyalty providers can interact and collaborate with. His finger on the pulse of what’s happening in loyalty, Mark is driven to give members the expert insight and guidance they need to develop strategies and implement programs that effectively engage their customers and employees and build stronger relationships with them.

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