Loyalty360 Featured Technology | HapYak

HapYak provides an SaaS platform for creating personalized interactive videos. The platform features tools that users can employ to enhance videos with interactive elements such as links, quizzes, and chapters. These tools enable the creation of training, lead-generation, and ecommerce videos. The HapYak platform also offers APIs and analytics.
The platform’s key functionalities include fillable forms, clickable hotspots, in-video chapter menus, image overlays, in-video quizzing, playlist branching, text overlays, link overlays, CTA buttons, and I-Frame widgets. The platform also offers core reporting functions, including what links viewers selected most frequently, which chapters viewers most often selected, and how viewers answered quiz questions. Examples of how users have employed these functions include adding in-video “buy now” buttons to existing videos, creating clickable branching menus that enable viewers to skip to desired content, and offering intermittent quizzes to gauge viewer learning.
HapYak offers APIs so that clients can integrate the company’s platform into their existing structures. Add-on APIs enable clients to write custom JavaScript that resides on their webpages without interfering with their ability to control video behavior, design, look, and feel. HapYak also advises clients on how HTML overlays can be performed.
HapYak believes that the creation of compelling videos requires an easy-to-use platform that can achieve new levels of interactivity and insight. To this end, the company created a tool that works with any video player and which facilitates rapid video generation. The goal of this product is to drive customer engagement and deepen client monetization.

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