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A successful business isn’t built all at once; rather, it’s an iterative process based on objectives, market dynamics, and, perhaps most importantly, feedback data from customers and employees alike. While leveraging this feedback may seem easy on paper, any marketer will note that this sentiment could not be further from the truth. To tackle the huge challenge of aggregating, analyzing, and leveraging this data, Confirmit has developed robust Voice of the Customer (VoC) and Voice of the Employee (VoE) platforms for its clients.
Because VoC data can vary significantly across industries, Confirmit has designed its platform with flexibility in mind, allowing for data collection across verticals including retail, insurance, software, electronics, and media, just to name a few. Because of the sheer volume and evolving nature of feedback channels like social media, Confirmit allows clients to combine feedback streams in order to streamline the data and avoid “analysis paralysis” caused by an overflow of information. Additionally, the company leverages its GeniusTM Social and Text analytics tools to provide the framework necessary to turn unstructured data into actionable insight. Confirmit’s VoC and VoE tools are invaluable resources to companies looking to capture customer sentiment in a form that is both powerful and easy to act upon.

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