A key challenge in loyalty marketing is ensuring that programs and tactics work together to foster loyalty across the entire customer base – without over- or under-investing in particular customer segments.  Developing a clear understanding of the key customer journey “inflection points” for different segments can unlock the mystery of how loyalty programs, traditional relationship marketing, the underlying product/service offerings should work both together and separately to maximize loyalty across your customer base. T-Mobile’s “Uncarrier” rebranding provides a rich example of how to weave diverse tactics into a truly integrated loyalty strategy. We will look at T-Mobile’s replacement of service contracts with phone financing options and their introduction of the handset upgrade program, JUMP to help create behavioral and emotional loyalty by altering the “product” itself. Using JUMP as a starting point, we will walk through how an understanding of your customer segments and their specific purchase and churn behaviors can serve as the basis for your own integrated loyalty strategy. Overlaying a clear view of how your product/service offerings are (or aren’t) driving loyalty themselves, you will be able to identify opportunities for extending your portfolio of loyalty tactics and/or program(s) to more effectively and authentically build true customer loyalty.