[Podcast] The Sub Sandwich and the Emotional Connection: Jersey Mike’s Q&A Part II

This is the second installment of our conversation with Jersey Mike’s CMO, Rich Hope. You can listen to the first part here.
How are you looking at personalization?
We collect a tremendous amount of data on our customers, especially our loyalty customers, if they come in and use the loyalty program. Somewhere between 45 and 48 percent of our sales come through that. That’s a lot of data. The challenge really is slicing and dicing and utilizing that data to be able to serve out the right advertising for the right folks. That’s what we’re trying to do with our own databases right now, and certainly, Facebook is a master at that. When we use Facebook, we strive to reach the “like” people. We tend to do very well with that. We get a great response off that. Personalization is very, very powerful.
You probably can attest to the fact that when an ad is served to you, and it’s the right ad, you generally go, “Hmm, I have to take a look at that. Someone did their homework and figured out I might be interested in that.” I know it works on me, and I’m in the industry, and I know it’s happening.
Again, there are some privacy concerns; some people don’t like the idea of that. But I think overwhelmingly, especially the younger consumers, see the benefits of it. They don’t want to waste time wading through messaging that’s not for them, because there’s so much messaging out there today that, if we can tell the right message to the right person, they’re much more likely to pay attention and hopefully respond to it.