[Podcast] Keeping Changing Customers Loyal with Aimia: Q&A Part I

The loyalty space is ever changing. A mere decade ago, we weren’t talking about data the way we are now, and personalization, if mentioned at all, only came up when we were discussing the most luxurious of products and experiences. Keeping up with change in loyalty has been a non-stop challenge for brands, and that challenge is inseparable from the opportunity to connect to consumers in increasingly meaningful ways.
Aimia is a loyalty vendor that has tracked these changes whenever and wherever they have occurred. A global data-driven marketing and loyalty analytics company, it keeps tabs on the loyalty trends that are driving today’s consumers—and the trends that may change the loyalty space in the future.
To learn more about these trends, Loyalty360 recently spoke with Sara Galloway, Aimia’s Director of Loyalty Consulting. Galloway provided considerable insight into the changing loyalty landscape, and touched on topics ranging from “hyper-personalization” to approaching data acquisition to a movement toward simplicity in loyalty marketing.