What is the Significance of Brand Perception  Employee Engagement? ORC International Webinar Preview

Integrate Your Customer Experience and Employee Engagement Initiatives to Drive Business Performance

Many organizations are recognizing that it is absolutely essential to align employee engagement and customer experience initiatives with organizational strategy and purpose.  Without this alignment, it is virtually impossible to realize sustainable differentiation; the key component that is largely attributed to above average business performance.

Please join us for this complimentary session to understand how employee and customer insights can create a culture of customer-centric decision-making. We will explore what it means to engage employees and to capture and decipher critical customer insight in order to embed customer-centricity in everyday business activities.

The webinar will be hosted by Linda Shea, Global Managing Director Customer Strategies, and Matt Roddan, Vice President and Head of US Employee Researchat ORC International.

To be presented on May 29, 2014 at 1pm EDT

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