2023 Customer Loyalty Trends and Perspectives:  Loyalty360 Research & Reports 
The Loyalty360 Team | February 17, 2023

Customer loyalty should be a crucial aspect of any company’s business strategy. In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and customer expectations, it’s more complex than ever for brands, agencies, and supplier partners to stay up-to-date and informed on the latest trends in loyalty.  

This report explores the key trends that could shape the industry in 2023 and beyond, including insights on how marketers can leverage these trends to build customer loyalty and improve customer engagement.  

From the continued rise of personalization, to best practices on how brands can differentiate their loyalty strategies to stand out in the “Sea of Sameness,” this report will provide valuable information for brands looking to improve their customer loyalty strategies in the year ahead based on the unbiased and unique insight gleaned from research with brand marketers and interviews with supplier partners.  

Thank you to our Loyalty360 supplier members that contributed their time and valuable insights:  
  • Zsuzsa Kecsmar, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Antavo 
  • Nancy Gordon, Chief Product Officer, Loyalty & Rewards, Bakkt 
  • Don Smith, Executive Vice President, Chief Consulting Officer, Brierley 
  • Tim Glomb, VP of Global Content, Cheetah Digital 
  • Tom Madden, Managing Partner of Loyalty and CRM, ICF Next 
  • Bindu Gupta, Senior Director of Customer Strategy, Insights, and Research, ICF Next 
  • Ravi Srinivasan, President & CEO, Group FiO 
  • Nina Rose, Senior Director, Strategic Services, The Lacek Group  
  • Todd Gulbransen, Senior Vice President, Consumer Marketing, PDI Technologies 
  • Linnea Geiss, Chief Operating Officer, PDI Technologies 
  • Padmashwini Raghunathan, Product Manager of CI&I Retail, TCS Interactive 
  • Uma Narayanan, Principal Innovation Evangelist, TCS Interactive 

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