How to Hire the Right Employees & Reduce Turnover at Your C-Store

  • February 18 2020
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

The average convenience store employs roughly 15-16 employees at any time. Although this number is increasing year-over-year, according to NACS data, turnover is also on the rise. Managing a workforce may not be the highlight of your job...Read More

Seven Retail Disruptors You Need to Keep an Eye On

  • February 13 2020
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Chris Posey, PDI

Industry disruptors affect everyone, from huge conglomerates to single-store operations. The question is not if a disruption will impact your company, but when. And while they are by nature off the radar, there are some common...Read More

2020 Trends: 5 Things that Will Impact Your Loyalty Program

  • February 06 2020
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Brandon Logsdon, PDI Software

Loyalty programs’ long-standing emphasis on earning points has relegated the relationship between brand and customer to a transaction. In 2020, with loyalty programs giving consumers more choices (and power) than ever, smart c-store...Read More

E-Commerce, Loyalty, Labor and Consolidation Loom Large in ’19

  • February 04 2019
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Scott Schaper, EVP of Program Operations for PDI Software

Online shopping and home delivery have had a dramatic impact on the grocery sector.2018 was a challenging year for the grocery sector, with changes in consumer shopping behaviors and competition from alternative retailers forcing many to re...Read More

Why Your Loyalty Program Isn’t Driving Revenue – And How to Fix It

  • September 27 2018
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Jeff Hassman

Effective loyalty programs consistently deliver results across the metrics that matter to brands: foot traffic, basket size, frequency of visits and revenue.   But as successful as they’ve been, loyalty programs are under increasing...Read More



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