Survey: Green Marketing Remains Important to Customers—But Can Raise Skepticism

Green MarketingThe green revolution is, at this time of year, once again the green resolution. As in New Year’s resolution. A recent survey notes that, for instance, 60 percent of respondents say they will make environmentally friendly resolutions, up from 59 percent in 2009. That’s from a national opinion poll conducted by Tiller, LLC, an advocacy marketing consultancy.

Of course, the green interest has business impact. The survey notes that 73 percent of respondents believe it’s important to patronize a company that’s socially or environmentally responsible, and 43 percent have refused to buy a product they felt had a negative environmental impact.Green Marketing

That’s no surprise, but here’s the interesting part: “only 21 percent said they believe a genuine concern for the environment is a major motivating factor for companies that adopt greener behaviors”—yet, 72 percent don’t care about what motivates companies to green, as long as they do.

Also a factor to consider (again, not a surprise): three-fourths of respondents said they would be nicer to the environment, but consider it “too expensive to buy green.”

The lessons for marketers seeking loyalty from consumers who care about the environment: communicate. Demonstrate your genuine concern for a healthier planet and dispel the skepticism, particularly among those who do care about corporate motivation. And if your green options are priced in line with (or even below) less-green competitors, communicate that fact.               

Another factor to consider in targeting your marketing: women were more likely than men “to agree that they would look for more opportunities to ‘go green’ in 2015 (87 percent vs. 78 percent), and were also more apt to value the importance of day-to-day measures to improve the environment (such as moderating personal/household energy usage or bringing their own bags for grocery shopping).”

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