Sohalo, a leading SaaS marketing-loyalty platform solutions company for global Fortune 500 enterprises to seamlessly connect their existing systems across loyalty, social media, CRM, and payments, today announced it has successfully registered the “Social Loyalty®” trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Sohalo, a fast-growing Silicon Valley-based technology company, has developed a powerful and modular SaaS B2B platform solution for global businesses to extend their existing loyalty programs into social channels. Sohalo’s brand clients drive valuable customer actions that improve marketing results, including 10 times more consumer engagement, 14% more customer visits, and 29% increased revenue per customer visit.

What’s more, Sohalo solidified a leadership position in defining the marketing-loyalty industry, receiving official recognition from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office with the “Social Loyalty®” trademark registration.

This recognition builds upon Sohalo’s two-year global operations track record, which includes issuing 175 million loyalty points and completing 2.6 million offers with 99.95% uptime in eight countries on four continents.

“Marketing, loyalty, social, and payment systems are ripe for innovations which will significantly benefit both brands and consumers,” Sohalo CEO Damian Smalley said in a press release. “The opportunity to optimize global enterprises’ marketing-loyalty ROI is enormous, and our customers’ significant results confirm the power of Sohalo’s integrated solution.”

Armed with $17 million in private funding, Sohalo’s world-class product and engineering team has built a robust yet flexible omni-channel solution that empowers enterprise marketers to maximize customer value with a unified and comprehensive marketing platform.

By connecting Sohalo’s modular platform to existing loyalty programs, social channels, and commerce engines, marketers are easily able to unify customer identities, create offers, and issue incentives and rewards for valuable customer actions taken on any channel, including social media, a brand’s web site, a mobile app, and in-store at point-of-sale.

The major modules of the Sohalo platform are:

Unified Identity: Easy to use, two-click Social Login to power customer acquisition and retention.

Offers Management: An engine that supports thousands of reward scenarios and 200+ loyalty and virtual currencies to drive acquisition, engagement, and purchase, both on and off social media.

Loyalty Relationship Manager: A comprehensive dashboard and set of tools to manage campaigns, monitor performance in real-time, and measure ROI.

Extensions: APIs to integrate existing enterprise systems, such as CRM (e.g., Salesforce, Oracle), e-commerce, POS, and advertising, to fully leverage the Sohalo platform as an omni-channel solution.

About Sohalo

Sohalo powers the next generation of digital marketing for global Fortune 500 enterprises with its robust SaaS platform solution that seamlessly connects companies’ existing systems across loyalty, social, CRM, payments, and advertising. Sohalo works with enterprise customers and partners in the travel, financial, telecom, retail, and media industries. Founded in 2011 by a team of technology and product experts from the commerce, social, and loyalty industries, Sohalo is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. For more info, visit or email [email protected].

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