Peterbilt Preferred Loyalty Program Celebrates 10th Anniversary

PACCAR Parts, a top manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks and parts, recently reached a milestone that many companies can only aspire to. The brand’s Peterbilt Preferred loyalty program celebrated its 10-year anniversary, speaking to the program’s stability and success both for PACCAR and for customers at its over 2,000 participating dealerships.

“We are proud that after a decade our loyalty program continues to set standards for the industry,” said David Danforth, PACCAR vice president and PACCAR Parts general manager. “The Peterbilt Preferred loyalty program is designed to drive customers to our dealers and provide them instant savings."

The program is based around providing savings to the brand’s frequent customers, and its structure takes into account the nature of the industry: low volume, high value purchases. Also taking note of the prevalence of shopping online through its Online Parts Counter e-commerce platform, PACCAR has designed the Peterbilt Preferred program to be as seamless as possible throughout the browsing, selecting, and checkout process. As a result of its visibility and the simplicity of its reward structure, Peterbilt Preferred members saw a minimum of $4,000 worth of savings last year alone.

PACCAR Parts general marketing manager spoke to this point, emphasizing the program’s focus on tangible value and seamless integration.

“We continue to look for innovative ways to enhance our industry-leading loyalty program,” said Lore. “The value of the loyalty program is giving customers the parts and service they need, and when they want it,”

Not content to keep the celebration to themselves, PACCAR is offering promotional discounts throughout the month of August.

Ten years is an impressive achievement for any loyalty program, let alone on as unique as Peterbilt Preferred. The decade-long run is a testament to PACCAR’s commitment to customer experience and providing consumers with the value that has become a near-requirement in order to win customer loyalty.

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