Petco Creates Integrated Omnichannel Customer Experience

Petco Health and Wellness Company, Inc. will unify its loyalty programs under its new Vital Care program. The two-tiered program will provide the 24 million subscribers with a more seamless experience across Petco stores,, and the Petco app. 

Current Petco Pals Rewards members will automatically join the free tier called Vital Care Core, while current Vital Care members will join the paid tier called Vital Care Premier. All members retain the same benefits and paid members retain the same fee. 

“Building on the strength of our existing two membership offerings, by bringing them together under Vital care, we’re making it even easier of customers to understand and maximize the program offerings to provide their pets with the best possible care and get the most value from Petco,” says Jenny Wolski, Senior Vice President of Omnichannel Customer Experience at Petco. 

Members who unlocked perk benefits under the Pals program increase their visits by 50% and spend 40% more than non-members. The goal of the new Vital Care program is to make understanding and reaching those perks more accessible to customers. 


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