Out of the Mine, into the Windows: Microsoft Studios Buys Minecraft

For years, Minecraft has slowly been building an incredible following, and has now caught the attention of Microsoft. The pixelated game of endless creativity that has captivated users across the globe was bought from Swedish game company Mojang by Microsoft Studios for $2.5 billion.

Minecraft has succeeded in providing an infinite customer and user experience for gamers and non-gamers alike. Its block-based worlds become intricate and full with the subliminal prompt to simply create. What’s more, the franchise has garnered its 50 million global purchases through word-of-mouth with no marketing budget whatsoever.

A potential benefit of the acquisition by Microsoft could be the ability to play Minecraft via Windows phones, an activity previously limited to PCs, Apple & Android devices, and gaming consoles.

“Minecraft is among the most popular mobile apps for iPhone and Android phones,” the WSJ’s Ovide & Rusli said, “but Mojang has said there wasn’t a compelling reason to make a version for Microsoft’s Window’s Phone system… but the company could make a Minecraft app for Windows PCs or smartphones, with extra features not available on other phones.”

Microsoft Studios, which is also mother to another mega-franchise, “Halo,” hopes to expand the gaming experience beyond its Xbox console with the acquisition of mobile-friendly Minecraft. Due to its simple yet empowering user premise, combined with multi-platform digital access, Minecraft has amassed a highly loyal community.

“Since its release, Minecraft has become that doorway for a great many players of all ages and demographics, especially those that might not label themselves as ‘gamers,’” Steve Mullis, NPR, said.

With the help of Microsoft Studios, Minecraft is sure to see that doorway broaden as it is expanded to Windows platforms, ushering in a larger community of engaged users.

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