GREENVILLE, S.C., Sept. 9—National Computer Corporation (NCC) a leading developer and distributor of point of sale systems for the foodservice industry,  is pleased to announce the release of a new integration and interface to loyalTXT™, Sundrop Mobile’s “card-less” loyalty solution that combines mobile and social media marketing. This integration is transforming NCC’s Point of Sale Terminal into a Point of Marketing terminal making it easy for merchants to integrate marketing capabilities into their daily operations.

loyalTXT is Sundrop Mobile’s “card-less” mobile loyalty program that uses customers’ mobile phones with text messaging as a replacement for the traditional plastic loyalty card. It can be used as a stand-alone,  fully-automated loyalty program or can be used to augment existing card-based systems. loyalTXT enables data-driven customer loyalty programs to be implemented where they were never practical before.

At an NCC point of sale system, the employee asks for and enters the customer’s mobile number to track purchases for loyalty rewards.  First-time registrants instantly receive a text message welcoming them to the program and requesting a reply with their email address. When a customer replies with their email address, the customer receives an email message that contains an introduction to the program and a link to a web “microsite” that allows the customer to complete registration (name, address, date of birth, etc.) from their home computer. Because customers complete registration electronically and after their visit to the establishment, the retailer in no longer required to collect distributed registration cards or work through data transcription issues. Employees can now push the store’s loyalty program without slowing down line processing. Customers carry their loyalty card everywhere virtually. After each visit, loyalTXT provides customers with a status text message after every visit so they do not lose track or interest in the program.

loyalTXT is the first generally available customer loyalty program fully integrated into Facebook. loyalTXT allows Facebook users simple one-click registration to complete enrollment into a loyalty program.  Once linked, loyalTXT posts relevant notices to the customers’ Facebook walls, such as when a customer joins the program and earns a reward.  Customers’ friends see these notices and follow the links, where they see a special offer to join the program and patronize the merchant’s business. The viral nature of Facebook helps the loyalty program grow quickly and gives an important customer communication option as customers become fans of a merchant’s Facebook page.

About NCC

For more than 20 years, NCC has been creating comprehensive management solutions for the foodservice industry. With over 20,000 systems installed in more than 30 countries worldwide, NCC offers a full line of products including point of sale, time and attendance, back office, and headquarters all developed and supported directly by NCC. Our system integrators combine years of experience in software development with a strong understanding of restaurant operations to create products designed to work in a wide variety of environments. For more information visit:

About Sundrop

Sundrop Mobile is a mobile marketing and loyalty solutions provider. Sundrop operates an automated, “card-less” mobile loyalty program, loyalTXT™,  that uses a customer’s mobile number as their “loyalty card,” text messaging with email for data collection and communication, and seamlessly integrates social media and location-based services. Sundrop introduces businesses to their customers by providing the infrastructure and expertise that empowers merchants to reach their customers via mobile, email, social media, and location-based marketing—anytime.  Sundrop helps businesses become mobile, social, and local.

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