Lyft, the ride sharing service, has announced the launch of Lyft Rewards, a loyalty program for riders. The program, which will begin rolling out in December, will enable riders to earn points for each dollar spent, which can then be used for upgrades to nicer cars or savings on future rides, as well other bonuses.
The company previously rewarded (and continues to reward) riders through a subscription service, a program that incentivizes business users, and a partnership with Delta in which riders earn Delta airline miles with Lyft. In contrast to these existing programs, Lyft Rewards is aimed at everyday riders. The program is intended to give the company an advantage against its major rival, Uber.
The new program will enable riders to earn points each time they use Lyft. Once accumulated, these points can be exchanged for upgrades within the Lyft app. Examples of rewards include a free upgrade to Lyft Lux, which gives rides in high-end vehicles, or discounts on rides.
The brand plans to announce other types of rewards over time. To this end, Lyft plans to take customer feedback and use data analytics to determine what rewards would interest its customers the most.
The brand states that initially, the rewards program will only be available to select riders in select cities. The debut for the full public will occur in early 2019.  The first, select riders will be made aware of Lyft Rewards either via email or in-app notification. Riders who sign up for the rewards program will be able to track their point accumulation within the app.
This past September, Lyft gave its billionth ride.

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