Loyalty360 Reads: T-Mobile Offers New Customer Loyalty Deals, Tim Hortons Unveils New Credit Card, Domino’s Loyalty Program Focuses on Carryout Customers

T-Mobile Adds New Deals to Loyalty Program 

T-Mobile is offering new travel and entertainment deals for loyalty members. The T-Mobile Tuesday program has had over a billion rewards claimed by loyalty members. To continue its success, the T-Mobile loyalty team has decided to add new perks, starting July 25.  

  • T-Mobile Concert Perks: Members can save 25% off tickets and enjoy amplified concert experiences at select AEG Presents venues nationwide. 

  • Savings on Shell fuel: Members of the Fuel Rewards® Program can now save 15 cents off per gallon of fuel for the rest of the year. 

  • Club Magenta pass: Shoppers can add this rewards pass to their digital wallet to access T-Mobile's live event perks for select music and sporting events across the country. 


Tim Hortons Announces Tims Credit Card 

Tim Hortons has teamed up with Neo Financial to support their new credit card program. This credit card will be embedded in the Tim Hortons app, making it easier for loyal customers to shop, save, and rack up rewards points. Neo Financial has developed this strategic technology to provide enhanced security, payment solutions, and cloud-based platform access.  

This technology update offers several benefits for Tim Hortons and similar organizations:  

  • Turnkey technology platform: Neo's platform powers fully embedded co-branded/white labeled card, lending, deposit, and payment solutions for its partners. 

  • One-stop shop: In addition to platform access, Neo also provides front and back office support for partners to keep their internal operations lean, from customer support all the way through to regulatory compliance. 

  • Platform security: Neo’s platform is certified with both SOC2 Type II and PCI Data Security Standards. 

  • Speed to market: With unmatched speed, scale, and quality, Neo’s cloud-based approach gives partners access to the same technology platform Neo has built to power its own app, used by 1M+ customers. 

  • Access to insurance products: Modern digital coverages, including card insurance, that is leading edge and fully digital through one single API2. 


Domino’s Adds New Perks to Target Carryout Customers 

This September, Domino’s is planning to update its loyalty program, including a reduction in the amount of loyalty points needed to redeem select rewards and make it easier to earn more reward points.  

“This will positively impact our carryout customers as well as help us retain our current and new delivery customers,” says Russell Weiner, Domino’s chief executive officer.  

The leadership team hopes that profitability and frequency of shopping will increase thanks to these changes.  

Domino’s customers’ average spend on carryout orders tends to be lower than when delivered, and the company will add more opportunities to encourage diners who prefer carryout to engage with the program. The current program’s starting point is 60 points, but there will be lower-value starting points, Weiner said.   

“A new loyalty program for a company usually means they’re trying to drive a little bit more profitability, which means things are taken away from me as a customer. We’re doing the exact opposite here.” 


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