GrubHub Launches Perks Tab for Food Discounts
The delivery service has announced “that it is combining two features—coupons and discounts on meals and restaurant-specific loyalty programs—all under one tab. In short, diners will no longer have to keep track of point cards and other restaurant discounts. Instead, GrubHub will do the coupon clipping for them.”
Audi’s Silvercar Launches New Car Rental Loyalty Program
The rental service has launched its first-ever loyalty program. “Called Premium Rewards, the new loyalty program uses a revenue-based model to simply give passengers one point per dollar spent on the rental of a vehicle (exclusive of fees and taxes). On later bookings, passengers can use those points for either a 50 percent discount or full credit on a rental.”
Customer Experience
Burberry and Apple Want to Improve Brand-Client Relations
With Apple, Burberry has designed and launched R Message to better the retailer’s customer experience. “R Message connects Burberry’s proprietary R World app for store associates to its customer-facing app. Through texting, customers with the app can make in-store appointments, receive personalized item recommendations and buy products, while associates can drive sales using an integrated back-end inventory system.”
American Eagle to Launch Beauty Business before the Holiday Season
The apparel brand will be entering the beauty space. “We have a special name for it, a special kickoff, and we’re going to surprise everybody so we’re not going to tell you now, and it will be very exciting,” says CEO Jay Schottenstein. “We’ve done some customer research; it’s been very positive. We think this is a big opportunity for us to get into the beauty business.”
Apple Sees ‘Long-Term Potential’ for Cryptocurrency
Jennifer Bailey, Vice President for Apple Pay, has said her company is watching cryptocurrency, potentially becoming involved in the future. “Apple hasn’t been tied to any cryptocurrency projects and Bailey’s comments mark the first time the company has said publicly that it’s paying attention to the technology behind bitcoin, ethereum, and other decentralized currencies.”

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