Lincoln Introduces Rewards Program
The automaker has launched a points-based rewards program. “Lincoln Access Rewards offers customers who purchase or lease a new Lincoln vehicle opportunities to earn points that can be redeemed for future new vehicles, dealer services, or experiences with Lincoln hospitality partners. Points can be earned by scheduling services through the Lincoln Way app.”
Customer Experience
Airline Tells You Where Crying Babies Are So You Can Avoid Them
Japan Airlines has launched a new feature that lets you know where babies will be seated when booking a flight. “Children between the ages of eight days and two years who are booked on your flight will show up as adorable baby icons on the seat selection map while booking on the airline’s website according to Japan Airlines, which, venture capitalist Rahat Ahmed pointed out on Twitter, will give other passengers a much-needed heads up.”
Sprint Uses Chatbots to Cut Customer Service Calls by Nearly a Third
Sprint’s chatbots have proved able to handle a substantive amount of customer inquiries. “Sprint chief digital officer Rob Roy said about 30 percent of online chats are now conducted solely by machine-learning-powered bots, up from about 4 percent at the beginning of 2019. The chatbots are one prong in a continuing digital transformation the company has undertaken in partnership with Adobe, which has also included tools that transcribe and analyze calls in real-time to suggest next steps for reps and algorithms that inform advertising and in-store sales tactics.”
Employee Engagement
Walmart Expands Workers’ College Benefits to Include Health, Wellness Degrees
America’s largest private employer will offer its associates the opportunity to apply for health degrees and career diplomas through its Live Better U college tuition perk. According to a Walmart spokesperson, “We believe Live Better U will play a critical role in preparing our 1.5 million associates for future work opportunities at Walmart and in the healthcare field overall, providing needed support in the communities where they live and work.”
Uber Offers UK Drivers Free College Tuition with New Loyalty Program
Uber “is rolling out its loyalty program out across the UK, which will see drivers offered free access to more than 900 university degree courses. The tech giant has partnered with the UK’s Open University to offer the study scheme, a reward that can be ‘unlocked’ through the company’s tiered loyalty program Uber Pro.”

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