Loyalty360 Reads: September 10, 2019

Qantas Pairs Up with BP Australia for New Loyalty Program
An Australian c-store and airline have united to strengthen each other’s loyalty programs. “The new BP rewards program will allow customers to earn Qantas frequent flyer points on fuel and eligible in-store purchases across participating BP retail sites in Australia. BP’s awards program already exists in the UK and the US. BP Plus Fuel Card will become the exclusive fuel partner of Qantas Business Rewards, a program that allows businesses to earn Qantas points.”
Customer Experience
The World’s Largest Starbucks Will Open Soon in Chicago
The brand is going all out on delivering a memorable customer experience for its soon-to-be largest location. “The four-story emporium will employ 200 people and include on-site roasting of its rare Reserve beans, interactive tours, exclusive drinks ‘inspired by the culture and traditions of Chicago’ and a full kitchen for making desserts, breads, pizzas, and salads from Italian bakery Princi, Chief Operating Officer Roz Brewer said.”
Diners Struggle with Fast-Moving Digital Menus
Digital menus present QSRs with a useful tool for marketing new products, but some consumers find the experience confusing. “Jim Cusson, 54, President of retail marketing agency Theory House, which has worked with PepsiCo Inc. and Starbucks Corp. , struggled to order food for his kids at a South Carolina Wendy’s because all he saw on the menu were promotions for Bacon Jalapeño Cheeseburgers and special barbecue-flavored products. He wanted to order chicken nuggets but wasn’t sure they were still on the menu.”
Samsung to Launch Smartphone Meant to Make Blockchain Friendlier
The smartphone maker’s latest product is designed to give consumers a simpler introduction to blockchain. “The new phone marks Samsung’s deepest foray into blockchain, a technology that has been slow to catch on and that still puzzles many consumers. Blockchain relies on encryption to cloak a range of transaction data, from digital-currency ownership to supply-chain operations. Enthusiasts view the technology as a potential game-changer in an era of cybersecurity breaches, data-privacy concerns, and distrust of institutions from governments to large tech companies.”
Corporate Social Responsibility
Beermakers Are Experimenting with New Sustainable Six-Pack Designs
As consumers grow concerned about ocean dumping, brewers are innovating. “Is the six-pack ring the biggest issue in the ocean causing the biggest problem? No,” says Dustin Jeffers, Cofounder and Head of Operations for SaltWater Brewery. “But it is something that people interact with every day, and they are a problem.”

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