Loyalty360 Reads: Giant Eagle Expands DoorDash Partnership for Enhanced Customer Experience, UDF Expands Rewards Program, and a $30B Settlement Involving Swipe Fees

Giant Eagle Expands Partnership with DoorDash 

After a successful pilot program in Ohio, O’Hara Township, Pennsylvania-based supermarket chain Giant Eagle expanded its partnership with DoorDash to facilitate on-demand grocery delivery for all Giant Eagle supermarkets and Market District locations throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland. DoorDash and Giant Eagle first partnered in 2022 to pilot the delivery service in Ohio. 

“We continue to see increased demand for fast and convenient grocery delivery, and we recognize that many shoppers have come to rely on DoorDash for their real-time grocery needs,” explained Justin Weinstein, Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Giant Eagle. 

Giant Eagle and Market District customers can now order groceries through DoorDash’s Marketplace mobile app or the website. In addition, Giant Eagle’s loyalty program, myPerks, can be integrated into the DoorDash app, allowing members to earn rewards when shopping through DoorDash. Additionally, all participating Giant Eagle locations will be accessible through DashPass, DoorDash’s membership program. 

Learn more about Giant Eagle’s myPerks program: https://www.gianteagle.com/myperks  


United Dairy Farmers Expands Rewards Program and Launches VIP Deals 

Cincinnati, Ohio-headquartered United Dairy Farmers (UDF) announced an expansion of its U-Drive Plus rewards program with the launch of its VIP app deals, which gives members access to BOGO (buy one, get one free) deals and discounts on bundles. In addition, the convenience store chain is providing more opportunities for customers to accumulate fuel discounts through in-store purchases. The program expansion comes just after UDF’s loyalty program was rated the top gas station rewards plan in a 2023 survey conducted by Newsweek and Statista. 

Through the years, UDF’s rewards program has undergone several updates to improve customer satisfaction. Revamps have included UDF’s signature fuel price lock in 2018, a technological platform refresh in 2021, and the introduction of a text messaging outreach service in collaboration with guest engagement company Movibity in 2022. 

The stackable savings feature of U-Drive Plus covers fresh food, snacks, and other categories, allowing shoppers to save across multiple categories and apply them when refueling their vehicles. Moreover, U-Drive Plus continues to deliver value with Wednesday freebies, discounts on a wide range of in-store items, and additional perks.  

Learn about UDF’s U-Drive Plus program here: https://www.udfinc.com/faq/  


Mastercard and Visa Agree to $30 Billion in Landmark Anti-trust Settlement 

Credit card companies Mastercard and Visa have agreed to almost $30B in a landmark anti-trust settlement aimed at curbing merchant debit and credit card fees through a reduction of swipe fees for a minimum of five years. Should it be approved by U.S. courts, the settlement would be one of the largest in U.S. history. 

As part of the deal, published and effective interchange rates will be lowered on credit transactions. Reduced credit interchange rates will also be capped for five years. Additionally, the agreement offers merchants more flexibility at the point of sale and funding for educational programs on payment acceptance options. 

The National Restaurant Association, which joined other retailers for legislation on swipe fees, remains skeptical of the agreement, emphasizing the need for additional measures. The association’s Executive Vice President of Public Affairs, Sean Kennedy, called the settlement “a small reprieve, but wholly inadequate for restaurants suffering with record-breaking swipe fees.”  

“This temporary discount won’t have a lasting or significant impact on costs. When you’re spreading out a settlement — even one this big — equally among millions of business owners over a few years, there will be a negligible impact on the costs restaurant operators pay to accept credit cards,” said Kennedy, adding that the best solution for the broken credit card processing market is the Credit Card Competition Act. 

The settlement agreement “In re Payment Card Interchange Fee and Merchant Discount Antitrust Litigation” can be accessed here


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