Loyalty360 Reads: Automation in Wendy’s Drive-thru, Disney+ Offers Customers Walmart Deal, and Ferrari Seeks To Stop Fakes

Wendy’s Continues Tradition of Leveraging Technology and Innovation 

When Wendy’s solidified a partnership with tech giant Google to enhance performance at the drive-thru, discussions regarding leveraging AI kept coming up. The brand reviewed the possibilities, comparing them to its already industrialized process. As the benefits became clear, the company decided to implement the technology.  

A pilot was rolled out at an Ohio restaurant near the brand’s headquarters. The technology is powered by Google Cloud’s generative AI and can offer responses and adapt in real time. A personalized experience is delivered as the AI uses data pulled from Wendy’s menu. Wendy’s FreshAI has improved with use, revealing increased speed in service and improved order accuracy. If the technology cannot assist a customer experiencing frustration, FreshAI will escalate the order to a human. The technology can now be found in four company-owned stores serving the Columbus market.  

“The technology has gotten better, and it’s gotten better rapidly,” says chief information officer Kevin Vasconi.  

The brand affirms the technology is employed to assist team members, not replace them. In-store employees can focus on food preparation and enhancing the customer experience in the dining room.  

Learn more about Google Cloud’s generative AI at: https://cloud.google.com/ai/generative-ai  


Disney+ Forms a Partnership with Walmart    

Competition in the video streaming services industry has inspired Disney+ to unite with Walmart and offer subscribers $40 off a one-year membership to Walmart+. The regular price of the retailer's membership program is regularly $98 annually. The Disney+/Walmart+ deal is only good until January 31, 2024, as part of the Disney+ Perks program. Walmart+ program benefits include fuel discounts, free grocery delivery, and more.  

With video streaming customers rethinking how they spend their money, companies are pivoting to find new ways to gain customers in a competitive marketplace. Subscription partnerships are one way video streaming service companies are hoping to stand out and attract subscribers. Bundled packages — for example, Disney+’s Hulu bundle — are another plan to sweeten the deal and earn subscribers’ loyalty.  

Recent surveys indicated that when customers have difficulty paying monthly bills, streaming services are typically canceled first. Partnerships such as the one formed between Disney+ and Walmart — and Peacock and Instacart, and Apple and Paramount — seek to retain customers and entice new ones with the extra perks.   

Learn more about the Disney+/Walmart+ offer here:


Ferrari Encourages Tattle-tales 

In an effort to combat counterfeit Ferrari products, the Italian brand is incentivizing its customers and Ferrari fans to report potential counterfeits by offering rewards if those reports lead to true fakes. With such an iconic brand to protect, the “call to arms” is not surprising. Previously, the company sued a non-profit for using the name “Purosange” (pure blood/thoroughbred in Italian) because, as the brand argued, the organization was not using the trademarked name enough. Ferrari wanted to use Purosange for its first SUV.  

In early December, FerrariChat online community members reported communications from the brand’s chief commercial and marketing officer, Enrico Galliera, who explained the initiative and where people could report possible counterfeits. Those submitting information about actual fake products and services Ferrari was not already aware of would receive a “prize” while supplies last.  

Some online community members were unimpressed with the anti-counterfeiting reward initiative, but others might be inclined to report possible Ferrari fakes.  

Ferrari trademark infringement can be reported here: https://www.ferrari.com/en-EN/reward-anticounterfeiting  


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