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Comcast Adds Amazon Prime Video to Boxes
Comcast is adding yet another new feature to its Xfinity X1 cable boxes. With YouTube and Netflix already being features within the box, Comcast has announced Amazon Prime Video will be coming later this year. User can also buy or rent via Amazon Demand. If users have subscriptions or Starz ow Showtime via Amazon, they van view those channels as well. The big story here is that it’s the first time Amazon has brought some of its services to a traditional cable box. The move seems like a bit of a catch-22, as Amazon has been one of the main streaming services taking away from cable. The move is a huge leap for Comcast, as the chord cutting movement has had a direct impact on their business over the last few years.

The North Face Brings Shopping to….. The Alps?
To celebrate its Pinnacle Project, which celebrates some of the most impressive places humans have ever traveled to, According to the Fashion Network, The North Face announced its pop up location in the Italian Alps last week. The move comes as a way for, “outdoors, fashion, design and music collide to create an experience for adventurers and rebellious spirits.” The popup features merchandise worn by explorers during notable journeys. Specifically, it is located in Val San Nicolò and can only be reached by foot. The North Face will continue with these various pop up locations while celebrating its unique Pinnacle Project. Strap on those boots and see for yourself!

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