GPS Driver Tracker Enhances Customer Experience at Domino’s Pizza Australia

Domino's Customer Experience

Officials at Domino’s Pizza Australia want to take care of their delivery drivers and ensure an efficient and memorable customer experience.

As a result, they tested the GPS Driver Tracker at 50 Domino’s stores across Australia and in some stores driver incidents were reduced by 50%.

Domino's Pizza has developed the GPS Driver Tracker to allow customers and the company to track delivery drivers via GPS.

Loyalty360 caught up with Domino’s Group CEO and Managing Director Don Meij to talk about this innovative new approach.

What factors prompted Domino’s Pizza (Australia) to launch GPS Driver Tracker?

There was a number of factors driving the Domino’s GPS Driver Tracker technology, but No. 1 was safety. Our delivery drivers are the heart of our operations and previously it’s been quite a blind part of the business.Now we can see all our drivers and the drivingfleet at all times. We can also monitor and measure all driving incidents and important things such as speed limits and harsh driving elements. We will also see added benefits to the business including efficiency and our customers will get their time back as they will literally know where their driver is at all times and what route they took to their door.

How does it work, what makes it unique, and what are your goals as far as its impact on Customer Experience?

Domino's Driver Safety

Essentially, it’s an extension of the popular Domino’s Live Pizza Tracker which shows the customer when their pizza is being made, cooking and when it is ready for pick up or delivery. Now the GPS Driver Tracker will pop up and show the customer when the delivery driver leaves the store and their exact route to their door. The customer will also have a much more interactive experience with their delivery driver. They will know what their driver’s name is, their favourite music, favourite sport, etc.

Has it launched yet and what have the results been?

Yes, it launched on May 4 in ACT in all of our Canberra stores and will roll out into all stores throughout Australia by July 13, 2015.

Was customer feedback a factor at all and, if so, in what way?

Customer feedback plays a role in all of the decisions and projects we work on at Domino’s. Our entire marketing strategy stems from the mantra of People Powered Pizza. We are constantly asking people for their ratings, their feedback their comments across all of our social media platforms (which we monitor 24/7)! We know our customers love the Pizza Tracker and we were confident that there was nothing else quite like the Domino’s GPS Driver Tracker. 

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